There is no right or wrong way to parent but there is one thing all parents want for their baby. And that is the safest and healthiest environment. The most important thing when it comes to your baby is their health. Providing the best for your baby starts with choosing the best. The best quality materials, organic baby products, bamboo baby bedding and natural nursery decor. Your baby's well-being is a top priority for us. 


I am a Mother of 3, with 5 years as a Childcare Worker and 7 years as a Nanny. I have always been interested in teaching our next generation and believe as role models it is our job to encourage kindness, compassion and a better understanding of what sustains us. 

I created Littlle Olive Baby Boutique in the hope that I could be a part of the bigger picture in terms of sustainability and our future generations. In my life I want to teach my children that every decision matters and every choice can lead to something better.

In 2019, this meant starting a business. Having no business knowledge, and even less technical know-how, I decided to pursue a passion of mine to have my own Baby Shop and be my own boss. It's a venture all mine in the making.

I have learnt so much along the way. From developing my website, sourcing products and learning about ecommerce. Something I have modeled for my children, throughout all of this, is to follow your heart.

Each product in my shop is chosen with you and your baby in mind. So from my heart to yours, I hope you find what you are looking for at Little Olive Baby Boutique.


When I was deciding on a name for my business I tossed around my favourite places, names, things and colours. I wanted something that symbolised the connection between people and the planet we live on and that showed a relationship that is integral and mutually beneficial.

I believe every choice we make can make a difference and everything we do should have its beginnings in good intentions. So, for me Little Olive Baby Boutique is symbolic of the relationship between a Parent and newborn child, and of our interconnectedness with the planet that sustains us. It’s not just another baby store to me. It’s the start of an awareness that what we do and choose matters.