When you bring your newborn home, you will spend the first months learning to read your babies cries, getting into a routine and bonding with your bub. You will have many a sleepless night tending to feeding and sleeping but there are some simple tricks to help you comfort and soothe your bub.

You have probably heard of swaddling your baby. As a Mum I can say that swaddling your newborn will be the best thing you can do. Swaddling mimics the soft, womb-like sleeping environment your baby enjoyed during your pregnancy. Cradled in a cosy but confined space light, noise and movement were muffled. Then your baby is thrust into a bright, noisy and huge world.

So it makes sense to snuggle your little one and make them feel secure and comforted. Swaddling can also help to develop better sleeping patterns and encourage deeper and more restful sleep. There is another reason why swaddling is so great. When you swaddle, you are moderating your baby's Startle Reflex. Have you ever seen your baby “startle” in their sleep? Their arms and legs flail outwards suddenly? While the startle reflex is normal, it may often disturb your baby’s sleep. 

When choosing a baby wrap there are a few things to consider.

 Your baby’s skin is delicate.

Your baby's skin is delicate and sensitive. It is thinner than adults' skin which means you need to be careful about what you put on it and wrap it in. Bamboo Muslin is organic and free from harsh toxins and allergens making it the perfect choice of fabric for your baby swaddle. Our beautiful lightweight muslin wraps are the ideal solution for a chemical-free material.

Your baby can’t regulate Its body temperature yet.

Most babies still like to be wrapped for sleep, even when it's hot.  If it's a really hot day, just strip them down to their nappy and wrap them in a light muslin bamboo wrap. Organic muslin wraps are breathable and stop your baby from overheating. They are also lightweight and breathable making them ideal for use in our Australian summers.

 Your baby is used to being curled in a foetal position.

You must be careful how you wrap your bub. Think about how they were positioned in your womb and allow for their “frog leg” position. When swaddling allow hip movement, the legs should be able to bend up and out at the hips. This position allows for natural development of the hip joints. Our beautiful lightweight muslin wraps are the ideal solution to help your baby sleep better. Muslin has a natural “give”, allowing for snug and secure swaddling of your baby.

We recommend Organic Muslin Wraps that are lightweight, breathable and free of harsh chemicals. Made from Bamboo they are perfect for use in our Australian summer helping to keep your bub cooler and prevent overheating.



  • Susan Urban and her HWL method is the best! I cannot image better sleep training method.
    Those muslin wraps sounds amazing though!

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  • I am following HWL training from parental-love too! And I love the author and her style and the tips are great. But I have some trouble with swaddling too, but my baby loves it. I’m thinking about buying the swaddle sack.

  • How do I get sure that baby can move the legs properly? I am following this sleep training guide: http://parental-love.com/shop/baby-sleep-training and I find it extremely helpful from the very first weeks. But even though there are some pics about swaddling I am never sure if I’m doing it right.

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