Our Personal Picks for a Sleepy Night with your Bub

Bamboo Bunny Sleep Association ToolBaby e Sleepy BalmBamboo cot sheetsOrganic Muslin Wraps 

    The best products for a truly sleepy baby. Our personal picks of the best sleeping aids and balms to ensure your baby is soothed, settled and sleepy.

    Bamboo Cot Sheets- Lay your baby on the best material for their delicate skin. Bamboo cot sheets will provide the cosiest place for your baby to rest keeping them cool in summer and warm in winter.
    Muslin Wrap - Perfect for swaddling and cocooning baby in the earlier months organic muslin wraps minimise your baby’s startle reflex and will keep them asleep for longer.
    Organic Baby e Sleepy Balm- Treat baby to a soft soothing baby massage before bed using this all-natural balm. Made in Australia using Lavender, Sandalwood and Magnesium it will lull your bub into sleep.
    Bunny Comforter- Designed to be particularly helpful as a Sleep association tool it will remind your little one that it’s sleepy time. Perfectly huggable and deliciously soft.

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