A New Venture From a Mother's Perspective

As a Mum of three kids I have always worked around my kids. Part-time jobs that brought in the money but weren’t in any way fulfilling. My life revolved around my babies and family life. Now I love my kids fiercely and would never change my choices if I had a do-over (well maybe one or two). But inevitably, your life becomes a series of drop-offs and pick-ups, homework and play dates, and you get lost in the daily grind of Mumma life.

But there comes a point in everyone’s life when they stop and take stock of their life, happiness, success and contentment. You pass a milestone and start questioning your happiness and success. For me it was an approaching birthday and my youngest child who was about to start full time schooling. I realised that left me with more time. Maybe more ME time. And I began to dream of all the things I could now turn my attention to.

That’s when I began to envision merging my love of art and eco-design. I started thinking of ways to have a flexible job, one that would excite me and one that would make me proud to say I was successful at and still feel like I was contributing something of importance to people. This was the beginning of Little Olive Baby Boutique. A way for me to support my family on my terms and to find my passion as well. A new venture that is all mine in the making.


Lexi and Jayden